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Welcome to the Mistakery

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Behind the Music

The Mistakery is where we explore musical ideas and mistakes.

The original bricks and mortar Mistakery emerged from The Quiet Times.

This virtual one is our answer to requests for music downloads

and somewhere to share our other ideas.
Originally for all things related to Hatstand it soon became clear that there are two distinct sides to Hatstand - welcome to our new band The B Road.


The focus for the Hatstand is playing live.
The B Road has grown from a need to play a different kind of music

in the The Quiet Times to become something we like to play out too.
~ There is nothing to buy ~


But there are warts and all “dustbin” recordings from our practices.

We haven't been to any studio with whizz bangs and technical boffins -

think more, home knitted live demos. 


Videos that we have lovingly made from scraps from the shed.
And maybe even links to videos where someone has been kind enough produce them.


There are lyrics for the original songs ( in case you want be sure of what you heard). Some of them make more sense than others.
There is no guarantee that the lyrics written will be accurately sung on a

recording or out live…but they may help clarify indistinct pronunciation.


And whatever else feels right for the space.

Hopefully, the virtual Mistakery will provide further inspiration.


Thank you for visiting - see you in the real world.

The B.Road door

Stay in the know...

Thanks for getting in touch!

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